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Winter Gift Guide - Neitra Love for Every BODY!

It's that time of year again; a time for giving and receiving so if you're making a list and checking it twice we're here to help.  

We've created this quick guide to help you choose which Neitra Products are best for every BODY on your list this year.

Multifunctional Neitra Love for Her: 

 1). Face Serums: These beautiful formulas serve many purposes and also help to reveal more of the inherent Natural Beauty inside all of us!  Both Serums are brilliant Make-Up Removers and superb Moisturizers too. Renew is the lighter blend and can be used in the morning. Restore is a wonderful addition to her evening Self-Care Routine.  Use this time of day to wind down, get ready to sleep (and restore your energy) and allow your skin to drink up this elixir overnight.  You'll find morning reveals even more of her Natural Beauty! (Fellas, to be honest YOU can use these Serums too - healthy skin isn't just for girls.)

  2). Toners: Three different blends for your skin type or scent preference - each one made with delicious ingredients that hydrate your skin and are the perfect base before applying your Serum for maximum absorption. Our Toners help balance your skin's pH levels and a quick spritz is a fantastic "pick me up" any time of the day. (Great for after the gym!)

 3). Deodorants: Confident is the new beautiful and our Deos will have her covered through the toughest workout, a "full on" spin class, hot yoga, hectic schedules and even stressful Holiday gatherings!  Our CertClean certified formula is aluminum free and encourages self massage every day - and she won't believe how long it will last.  The 60g size on average gets you through 4-6 months - just two jars could have her covered all year long!


Multifunctional Neitra Love for Him:

1). All-In-One Bars: Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.  These solid bars are a soap, shampoo AND conditioner...All-In-One!  It's absolutely perfect to throw in the gym bag and our Travel Tins make this the perfect Stocking Stuffer for the guy on the go. Never worry again about leaking bottles or plastic at all, for that matter! 

  2). Beard Oils: Whether he's just starting to grow his "Winter Coat" or if he's had it for years, our Beard Oil is perfect because beards are beautiful, but they often don't get enough care!  Honestly, the secret to great hair is taking care of the skin beneath it - "beardruff" is both aggravating and uncomfortable but our Beard Oil soothes the skin below while it conditions the beard he's growing! Go for the Win - pair it with an All-In-One Bar and you've got the perfect gift for the Bearded Fella on your list!  (Mrs. Claus, we hope you're listening!)

3). Deodorants: He may like to push it to the limit but nobody want's to go overboard when it comes to odour!  This Deo passes the test on the longest day, the toughest job and helps him sail through Date Night too! 

Remember...Safe skincare isn't just for "grown-ups".

Multifunctional Neitra Love for Little Ones: 

   Baby Balm: Give their skin the very best start in skincare and protect that new little "earth suit" from head to toe!  Our Multifunctional Baby Balm soothes cradle cap, dry skin and is gentle enough to use at every change to help prevent diaper rash. (Added bonus: our formula is Zinc-Free so it's cloth diaper friendly too.)  And if YOU want your skin "Baby Soft" then give it a go...put on before bed and let your skin drink up the nourishment overnight.

For Teens:

   Deodorant: Remember that song lyric..."smells like teen spirit"? Well, sweat is not the only cause of odour - STRESS is another huge factor and sometimes adolescence can be stressful!  Stress affects us ALL and our Deo is a healthy alternative for odour protection...we've even got 5 year olds using our Deo - it's true and totally non-toxic!


Quick Holiday Math: 1 Deo Trio = 3 Stuffed Stockings!

For The Home:

  Thieves Oil Blend: Our signature, artfully-crafted blend is based on historical ingredients but we've made it unique in it's own right. A combination of some of Mother Nature's most powerful essential oils, aligned with our Multifunctional approach and having a variety of uses. A few drops in a bath help boost the immune system, a few in a spray clean surfaces and deter the spread of germs or you can diffuse our blend in your home too. Thieves Oil is most definitely one of our Winter "must haves" - makes a wonderful Hostess Gift too. 

So there you have it - quick and easy.  And remember, our Annual Winter Sale is on now through Dec 1st so you still have time SAVE up to 30% on these goodies.  Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.  Neitra Love is for every BODY! 



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