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Spring Cleaning: Learning from Mother Nature

Our seasonal renewal and rebirth - a clean slate!

At last, we start to slough off the heaviness of Winter and look towards the lighter energy of Spring.  Winter serves us well, cloaking us through a contemplative time of year; this darker season gives us time slow down and reflect on where we are and this rejuvenates our spirits with seeds of the future we want to sow.

Now we begin to see new signs of life around us. Bulbs come out of hibernation and start bursting through the surface once again. Birds come back and welcome our mornings with more song.  The sun shines brighter and with the "time change" our days get longer too. Naturally this starts to lift our spirits; we're invigorated, inspired and the renewed energy usually brings on "The Spring Clean".


Grandmother looking with a smile on her face

Spring always reminds me of my grandmother, my Babcia. 

As a kid one of the most concrete signs of Spring for me was the big "Spring Clean".  My Babcia was ignited by Spring and that energy transferred to all of us; one of my strongest seasonal memories was cleaning windows. We tackled the task together like a hive of bees, cleaning the panes inside and out with warm water & vinegar.  No need for rubber gloves or masks because there were no chemicals, just two simple ingredients. Babcia said, "warm water and vinegar is all you need, it does the best job" and she was right!  She didn't think of herself a minimalist or earth friendly or eco-conscious, she was just doing what she had been taught and she knew how well it worked.

(Bonus tip: use old newspapers to clean the windows - if you've never tried it give it a go, you won't believe your eyes.  Be sure to use newsprint paper not the glossy advert/insert stuff. Comment below or email us if you have any questions - we're happy to share the whole routine!)

When the work was done we'd all admire the sun streaming through those gloriously clean windows. The fresh air in the house gave us a crisp outlook and the physical activity left our bodies, minds and spirits buzzing. It was a signal that something was shifting, the seasons were changing again...and change is good, it means you're're ALIVE!

Cleaning this way is simple and effective; harnessing the power of Mother Nature and working in harmony with her.  Even those used newspaper "rags" can be put in your compost or's truly a Win, Win, WIN situation!

Our Winter inspired a new way - change is good!

Piper & I are constantly amazed by the beauty, strength and grace of Nature and we work to change with the seasons; going with the natural flow of life to create more balance in our lives too. 

You've probably heard of Marie Kondo's "Konmari" approach to "sparking joy". One of Piper's favourite phrases is: "Joy is the means AND the end."  And if you know anything about Neitra, you know we work joyfully to create truly natural, multi-functional products that simplify your life.

We were interested in the minimalist approach and calming effect that Marie's "Konmari" magic might have on our lives. We'd admired it through her books but thanks so our Winter hibernation this year, we got the opportunity watch her Netflix show and put her method into "full practice". All we can say is WOW...change is GOOD!

Multiple levels of "ahhhhh" - it starts with your eyes.

I'm giggling as I write this but, I've noticed I now open my clothing drawer when I need to "calm down". Seriously. I've never enJOYed "cleaning up" so much before and we've also noticed the trickle down effects of this practice too. 

We've noticed how the Konmari approach has a lot in common with the "less is more" philosophy we already have in our lives and we've now seen mental and spiritual benefits too. With your home de-cluttered, your mind is clearer, you breathe easier; you simply "feel lighter".  Once you clean things out and start fresh with an "everything has it's place" approach your life flows more easily and you'll see a little effort makes a big difference in keeping things clutter free.  The strongest benefit we've noticed from our Konmari Clearing Session is a multi-level feeling of "space"; there's more "space" visible, more "space" cleared in our minds and more "space" for living!

So, if Spring is calling to you to make a physical fresh start, maybe you'd like to try diving into a "Spring Clean" practice - perhaps the Konmari approach would work for you too?  Our experience has blown our minds and we encourage you to give it a go. It might just bring more ease and flow into your life...and there's never anything wrong with that!

Self-care should "spark joy" too. 

Of course, change can only start with YOU and remember, we're all different so you're not going to "do it wrong" - just do what makes you most happy.  Self-care comes in any form imaginable; a walk in the woods, coffee and cake with a friend, a long soak in a tub, a workout that pushes you to your max, maybe even binge watching Marie Kondo's show and clearing your clutter!  :)

Whatever form it comes in for you, remember: Self Care is Sacred, not selfish. The airplane advice is true; you've got to "put on your own mask first before you attempt to assist others". It's simple and it makes sense, yet so many women push that advice aside or say, "I don't have time". But think about it, if your cup is empty you can't help fill someone else's cup.  If you're drained and exhausted the quality of love and assistance you share with others will also be exhausted.  What if we all worked to shift the mentality that we've got to take care of everyone else first to be "super-women".  We already ARE super women and grinding ourselves into the ground for some false "badge of honour" while completely depleting our own energy doesn't serve's not sustainable! 

Spring reminds us how beautiful change can be.

Now we're inviting you to make some beautiful changes in your own life and we're here to help you too. With both the thoughts of "spring cleaning" and "sparking joy" freshly in your mind, we've got a simple and effective routine that starts with your beautiful face.

Clear the clutter: 3 simple steps to let life bloom this Spring. 

1). Our Face Cleanser is a gentle formula that helps balance your skin' pH levels. Organic apple cider vinegar is one of Mother Nature's most effective ingredients cleansing your skin without irritating it, your skin will feel refreshed.

Clean skin needs hydration next.

2). Next up, Face Toners - our Rose Blend is most popular and for good reason. Made from truly natural, hydrating ingredients including flower waters, alcohol free witch hazel and organic aloe vera. Supporting our minimalist lifestyle approach, these toners are also multi-functional; use them to "set" your make-up after application and they're gentle enough to use throughout the day for a quick "pick me up" too!

The finishing touch for maximum moisturization. 

3). Now that your face is clean and hydrated our Face Serum is the final step to more beautiful and healthy skin. Made with skin regenerative oils including organic rosehip, organic argan and organic tamanu they naturally nourish your skin and deeply'll notice a beautiful difference.

Another multi-functional gem; add a few drops of serum on a cotton pad with a spritz or two of toner to create an incredible make-up remover. Our serums are an effective first and last step in a simple routine towards healthier, more vibrant skin.

Coming full circle and moving sustainably into the future.

Long ago my beautiful Babcia taught me to "spring clean" those windows with a natural solution. Now years later, we've created another natural solution in our Face Line. It's simple, effective and works to harness the power of Mother Nature.  And since YOU are a part of Nature, these products work in harmony with your body. No harsh chemicals that dry out or irritate your skin and only the most gentle, natural ingredients working with your body restore and renew your skin after a harsh Winter season. Use our Face Line Pack to "spring clean" your skincare this season and save when you buy them together!

Leave us a comment below and tell us how this post has inspired you and what steps you want to take next as you Spring Clean this year!

We hope you've enjoyed this blog post and we'd be honoured if help us Spread the Neitra Love and SHARE it with someone you think could benefit from it too.

Here's hoping your Spring blooms beautifully darlings!

Until next time...


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