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End Of Summer Top 10 Superstars

Give Summer a beautiful send off and get ready for the shift into Fall weather.

We've put together this Top 10 Superstar Collection to cover you from head to toe because Neitra Love is for every BODY!

1). THE Balm: Looking for baby soft skin? This little gem has got you covered. Organic beeswax keeps good moisture in while protecting your skin. Use this Superstar from head to toe - your body with thank you for it.

2). Cocoa Body Butter: Deliciously moisturizing with a smell that's simply divine - it's candy for your skin.  Soothe your "Summer Fun" skin and get it ready for cooler, dryer weather with our Cocoa Body Butter. This Superstar melts "like buttah" deeply nourishing your skin and a little goes a long way!

3). Face Toner: Healthy hydration is exactly what your face needs as we shift seasons.  Our toners get your day off to a perfect start, set your makeup and help keep your skin soft and radiant.  Use them morning, noon and night!

4). Face Serum: Cooler temperatures and crisper air can dry skin out but our Face Serums save the day!  Start with a sweet kiss of refreshment from your Toner, then seal the deal with a Serum and revive your skin with healthy moisture.  A few drops is all it takes, your skin drinks it in and glows.

5). Momma & Baby Goodness - Two fabulous gems that cover momma and child from head to toe with Neitra Goodness.  Momma Butter - great for a growing pod and helps with nursing once the little pea arrives.  Baby Balm: from cradle cap to dry patches, great for baby massage and gentle enough to use at every change to help PREVENT diaper rash!  

6). Hand Balm: Gardeners adore it and with extra hand washing these days, this Hand Balm is a "go to" for skin protection. One of our most popular products because it works so well. **Top Tip: It's a "More Than Hand Balm" - great for elbows, heels, feet and knees too!

7). Liquid All-In-Ones: Go BIG and bring home a SUPERSIZE Neitra Hero!  Our incredible Liquid All-In-One soap simplifies life by cleaning you head to toe without toxic chemicals - use it to wash yourself, the dishes, even your pooch! 

8). Neitra's Thieves Oil Blend: This POWERHOUSE contains some of Mother Nature's most antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral essential oils.  Use it to clean surfaces in your home, diffuse to clear the air or add a few drops to a bath to boost your immune system!

9). The hOMe Cleanser: Get ready for more "indoor" living and let Neitra put the "OM" in your hOMe! From sinks and stove tops, to counters and bathtubs - our hOMe Cleanser can do it all. Pick up the Starter Kit now, then reuse your bottle with our fabulous refills! Cleaning house has never smelled better - spruce up your space with the goodness of Neitra Love!