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We are inspired by many things, but we'd say our top five are:

  • Love (for our customers our own self care)
  • Connection and of course...
  • Nature
  • Art 
  • and Science.  

Let's dive a little deeper...

Nature: a powerful thing, a force to be reckoned with, a season or cycle of life and growth, full of incomprehendable complexity and yet so simple, chaotic and harmonious, sometimes a destroyer and sometimes giver of life - but always striking a balance that is simply miraculous.

Art: it's found in everything we create, that piece of "something magical" that words can't quite describe, the skill and inspiration we put into our blends and products - they truly are our works of art...our little masterpieces.

Science: it's the foundation that supports the powerful effects our ingredients can have on your body, mind, heart and soul.  from oils that help your body to regenerate skin cells to essential oils that naturally adapt (adaptagens) to what your body actually needs most; wound healing, spirit lifting, mind calming. it's the "powerful structure" that makes our products work.

Love: Neitra simply is a labour of LOVE for us, we are in concert with our own natural talents and inspirations, we expand ourselves on so many levels through Neitra, we LOVE hearing from satisfied customers that somehow naturally become friends and family to us. watching this "Neitra Tribe" grow into a community that is continually built by all of us...your needs inspire us to create more and we hope that by using our products and enjoying your Neitra Experience you receive and spread that inherent good energy and what we like to call "Neitra Love" with yourself and others in your life...and then the circle grows yet again!

These aspects come together through our products in a delicious combination, they work in concert, in balance with your own "nature". remember, you are a living thing, you are a PART of Nature so our products actually work with your body.  re-connecting, re-viving, re-juvenating, re-calibrating - everything working together to help (bring you back) move you forward into your own Natural Beauty.

The final piece (cherry on top) we like to add to all of this is connection...connection to our customers and to working with you to help you find more connection as well - to your life, to yourself, to your own true nature.  We love creating and sharing things that not only make you feel good and help your skin look better, but we also want to encourage a holistic approach to well-being and to instill the importance of self-care; the sacredness of it, the invaluable positive impacts that it can have on YOU: body, mind, heart and soul.

"every second you give to yourself is quality time"                                                          - piper & jingo

One of the strongest ways we like to encourage people to raise an awareness about their own sacred self-care is by creating ritual around it.  ritual is a form of habit that brings attention to something, that helps you immerse yourself in an action, or moment, or intention. it honours, gives reverence and importance to something.  and giving time to truly take care of yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give to the world...if your own cup is not full, how on earth can you have energy to give to some thing else?  

(picture of tub/candle or face/hands and oils or cup of tea/journal or meditation??- maybe these two further down)

your ritual can be as simple as lighting a candle, playing a song, taking time out to journal or meditate or just be still. some people do yoga, or workout or go for a walk or jog. some folks make a ritual of being in their garden, or watching birds at a feeder, - you can find a space for it anywhere; the gym, the tub, the kitchen, the drive home from work. but it's a practice that gives you something, that allows you to honour yourself - to care of you.