A Natural Balance

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Piper and I created Neitra with One Desire: to harness the power of Nature and create uncomplicated, potent and healthier skin care products. We believe that Mother Nature gives us everything we need, we believe we are part of this beautiful planet we all share and we are more connected to one another than our "modern societies" have led us to believe.  

Let's Dive a Little Deeper... 

The world we live in is seemingly "more connected" through technology, but it is actually less connected to ourselves and the beautiful natural world around us.  Beauty is so much more than what is seen on the "outside" - when you dig in and go deeper, that's when you find the beauty in yourself. Through Neitra, Piper and I want to do what we can to make a positive change and bring people closer to the simplicity of the beauty all around us as well as the beauty within each and every one of us! 

In an age with more "advanced technology" more "access to information" than the world has ever seen, we have also created an age in which we grab what's on the surface without really looking at it or connecting to what's beneath it.  Take, for example, the conventional body care products that promote "quick fixes" or overnight "improvement" for your skin and body to prevent it's aging or even the "appearance" of aging.  

Here's the thing, we are ALL aging...and to be honest we all have been every second since we've entered this world...it's NATURAL!  Unfortunately, through years of twisted advertising, we've been taught - bamboozled perhaps - into thinking that aging is a "bad" thing!  Relax, it's not actually...it's just natural...and it can be beautiful too!

Piper and I hope that in growing older, we grow wiser too and learn more; about ourselves, about our world and about one another. We hope that in growing older we gain a deeper wisdom in honouring connection; to one another, to the magical planet we share and connect more to ourselves - loving ourselves more, giving ourselves more and caring for ourselves more.

Nature is a powerful force, but a balanced one...and we are part of it.  And Nature is what informs how Piper and I create all of our TRULY Natural Neitra Body Botanical products. We don't include ingredients that don't need to be there, instead we embrace a theory that we call The Neitra KISS: Keep It Safe & Simple!  You won't find chemicals in our products or synthetic ingredients that actually damage your skin, disrupt your natural hormones and have negative effects on your body as well as our environment.

We are committed to using truly natural ingredients - unrefined and organic plant oils and butters, organic beeswax and we only scent our products with 100% pure essential oils. We've created products using ingredients that follow our "GETE" principle. Meaning they actually are "Good Enough To Eat" and that really makes them the most healthy "Food For Your Skin".

Recently we had a customer share this when talking about ingredients in products.  He said, "I have always thought that our modern world was giving us only the best, tested, safest stuff...after all, we are an advanced society so the chemicals we've created MUST be the strongest thing we could use to take care of ourselves.  Then our doctor wanted to start giving my son - who is not even three years old - steroids to treat his eczema.  I had to stop and really think about this option - and then "by accident" we tried your Serum and I could not believe the change - the relief you had given my child.  That's what really opened my eyes and showed me the healing power of Nature and raised my awareness to start questioning ingredients in things we use not just blindly "following what we've been told or rather "sold" about them."

Sadly, it's very true that many of the products we use on a daily basis are full of chemicals. And most of those chemicals are NOT as beneficial for your skin and body as you've been told. And worse yet, the majority of them haven't even been tested to see what effects they have on your body and ultimately your health...these companies are actually making YOU the lab rat in a sense.

We encourage you to try using ingredients that have successfully been used for literally thousands of years - natural ingredients that actually work with your body - because after all, you are part of Nature!  Going as far back in history as the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, Natural Oils have been used for healthy hair and skin since the beginning of time. Natural nut butters truly moisturize your skin and essential oils are some of the "first medicines" known to humans. There was a time "before we forgot" that we were part of Nature...that was a time when we KNEW we were.  And we believe that knowledge is coming back to us now.

So we encourage you to just read the label the next time you're shopping for what YOU are going to put on your skin.  REALLY have a close look at the ingredients, maybe "dive a little deeper" and see what those chemicals actually are. See what effects they can have on your skin, your amazing body and our incredible planet.  See if there's a better way, a safer way, a more simple way to taking care of yourself and the world you live in.  If there's any way we can help you learn more, we'd love to help...and if you know someone that you would like to share this with...feel free to Spread the Neitra Love!

Think "BEAUTY" is only skin deep?  We think you've only scratched the surface!

In Neitra Love,




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