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Never Be Afraid To SWEAT!

So what's the lesson learned here? Well, to put it simply, something that really "stunk" in our lives turned out to be a good thing...a REALLY good thing!  In the end, we got something we loved, because it worked AND it wasn't working against our bodies either! And then we started sharing it with family and friends.  And once they saw how well it worked they started sharing it with peeps they loved too! And now... We're making the world a more beautiful place, one armpit at a time!

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Sun Safety: What you need to know.

Sunscreen use is on the rise but so is skin cancer.  We're diving deep and helping you make smarter choices on how to protect your skin this Summer. Most conventional products use chemicals but they're absorbed by your skin.  Nature provides minerals that help reflect harmful rays and protect your skin.

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Zero Waste Heroes: Taking it to the next level.

The Zero Waste movement is rapidly growing and Neitra is announcing new changes to our packaging to reach our goal of becoming Vancouver's First Refillable Skincare company!  We're expanding beyond our local range and offering bulk skincare to Zero Waste/Refillable stores too.

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Spring Cleaning: Learning from Mother Nature

Tapping into lessons from the past and new tricks we've learned too.  We're diving deep into "spring cleaning" and beauty on a level that's always more than skin deep.  We've also got some solutions to help clear the clutter in your life and freshen up yourself as we step into Spring!

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Winter Gift Guide - Neitra Love for Every BODY!

It's that time of year again; a time for giving and receiving so if you're making a list and checking it twice we're here to help.   We've created this quick guide to help you choose which Neitra Products are best for every BODY on your list this year. Multifunctional Neitra Love for Her:   1). Face Serums: These beautiful formulas serve many purposes and also help to reveal more of the inherent Natural Beauty inside all of us!  Both Serums are brilliant Make-Up Removers and superb Moisturizers too. Renew is the lighter blend and can be used in the morning. Restore is a wonderful addition to her evening Self-Care Routine.  Use this time of day to wind down, get ready to sleep (and restore your energy)...

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