THE Neitra Difference

Neitra is rooted in a vision to create multi-functional products, micro-batched to give you the freshest skincare you can buy.

Co-Founders Piper and Jingo created Neitra with a holistic approach to change lives for the better. 

Organic, sustainable and cruelty free, they've harnessed the power of nature to rejuvenate, re-hydrate and relax your body, mind and spirit.

The Why Behind What We Do:

We believe “Less is More” and all our formulations are rooted in this premise. Our products help you reclaim the nutritious, supportive, healing benefits of nature and debunk the myth that natural products are less effective than their commercial counterparts.

We believe in Ayurvedic principles supporting the idea that everything in your life has the potential to be medicine; this includes what we put on our skin, in our bodies and in our minds. 

We believe that "beauty" goes much further than "skin deep" and we believe in mindful and deliberate practices of caring for ourselves.

We believe that Self-Care is Sacred, not "selfish" and by de-cluttering our spaces, our minds and using products that are good for us allows our deepest beauty to shine through.

Neitra is built on the cornerstones of minimalism, multi-function, purity and love - and that's exactly what you'll experience with our products.