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Often times we think a sunset is "beautiful", or children are "beautiful". We'll say, "oh those flowers are so beautiful", or feel a song moves you because it's so "beautiful".

But what a loaded word "beautiful" seems to be when it comes closer to home; when we relate it to ourselves. Our own lives. Our own bodies.

Why is that?  We usually see "others" as beautiful or "things" as beautiful, we can easily name a list off the top of our heads.  But why is it when we look in the mirror we seem to struggle to find something beautiful?

Let's Dive a Little Deeper....

My journey began nearly 15 years ago to become more healthy, to become more "natural" and to be more in tune to what is actually better for my body.  I started by making and using my own soaps and shampoos and witnessed an incredible difference in the healthiness of my skin. I started eating healthier and noticed the difference in the quality of my physical health, my energy levels, my mental clarity. Later, I started meditating to begin bringing peace to my mind. And most recently, I've started regularly exercising and doing yoga to support my body as I age.  (I'll be 50 this year!)  And through my own personal journey, I've surely noticed that life has continually become more "beautiful" as I've made these positive choices and changes. It has been this slow but steady unfolding - one thing leading to the next. But honestly, not until launching Neitra have I learned deeper or more powerful lessons about the word "beauty".  

An old friend of mine said to me, "This is The Year Of Self-Care".  I said, "Really?".  She smiled and said, "No, not really."  And after a quick pause said, "But hey, maybe we should start something there?".

Piper and I are in favour of that, we're supporting that and we can see it is already positively influencing the way we are approaching life. And we're not just talking for 2017, but instead using this year to start a concerted effort to take a new approach; begin new habits, build new ways of self care into our lives and to incorporate a more holistic approach to the sacredness that self care plays in our lives. And we want to support you in doing the same.

We've watched Neitra grow in ways we never expected and Piper and I have been feeling something brewing, we've been "steeping" in some new ideas, shifting what we want Neitra to be and focusing our attention and efforts there.  We are constantly inspired by the words we get from our customers; the personal notes you share with us, the comments you share online and the confidence with which you are "Spreading The Neitra Love" with your friends and family.  YOU are helping us to expand the love we have for the work we do and helping us positively impact the world and widen our circle a little more each and every day...and we THANK YOU!

One theme that keeps arising in our morning reflections is "what can we give...what do we want to give."  If you know us, you know we are both quite positive people - though we've both experienced not so "positive" things in our life experiences. (If you don't know us, we hope this helps you understand us a bit more.)

So many things influence our world today, but Piper and I agree that we could always use MORE beauty.  So we want to give "beauty" not just through the products we are inspired to make, but to help you simply see yourself more beautifully.  We believe that taking care of your body is important and we know firsthand the unhealthy effects that toxic products - ones you feed to your insides and those you "feed to your skin" - can have on your body.  That knowledge is what steers our commitment to creating healthy and truly natural alternatives in skin care. But what we also believe is that everyBODY is beautiful...that the potential for beauty is all around us - all within us - and in every thing. Maybe that sounds too "airy-fairy" to some, but that truly is the place where our work comes from, we really mean it!

So we invite you to open your eyes a bit more and start looking for more beauty - look for it in the things that surround you, and then turn your attention to the beauty within you...that actually IS you!  We believe that when you intentionally shift your focus to look for more beauty, you'll find it - all over the place.  And we believe when you feel the positive impacts that has on your life you reflect that to others...they in turn feel that energy and the "beauty" in our lives grows bigger still!  We believe it's a win, win, win situation...everyone benefits...just try it!

So today, have a beautiful day...may this be the start of something that flourishes in your life, that improves it on all four levels; body, mind, heart and soul.  We start with your body, just using your amazing eyes to look around and actually "see" more...give your attention to the beauty surrounding you and notice something (hopefully many) each day you think is beautiful and appreciate it!  You'll start to see life in a whole new light!

And we're here to continue walking this path with you, sharing little things that make a BIG difference and encouraging you to join us on this journey...this is just the beginning.

Until next time...

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  • Cheryl Ann

    What a great and refreshing challenge: simply look for the beauty in the day! Much like a practice of gratitude, I’m sure this can make a big impact on our psyche and we can positively project it back out into the world. Thanks for this simple truth of the day; looking forward to finding today’s beauty!

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