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 Our Ingredients 

We encourage you to read the label of the products you choose and make up your own mind. Remember, the power truly is in your hands!

As the creators of Neitra, we use only the following:

  • 100% pure vegetable and nut oils/butters - organic whenever possible
  • 100% pure essential oils - organic whenever possible
  • Botanicals grown by local organic farmers 

Neitra has passed the test of North America's Leading Certification for Skincare and we're very proud to be CertClean Certified.  We're also one of the top reviewed products on the PurPicks website.

We've chosen ingredients for their therapeutic qualities and the specific benefits they provide in supporting your skin’s inherent ability to restore and maintain it's natural vitality. 

Our skincare products are concentrated and contain no water*, nor the typical litany of parabens, alcohol, fragrances/parfumes, hormone disruptors, stabilizers and preservatives found in most commercial products.