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What's Inside Matters Most

You're aware of the food you put in your body right?

You know that ingredients have an effect on your body - did you know your skin absorbs whatever you put on it too! 

Now, more than ever, you should read the label of the products you choose and make up your own mind.  

Remember, the power truly is in your hands!

Ingredients are at the heart of Neitra and we use:

  • 100% pure, vegetable and nut oils/butters (organic whenever possible)

  • 100% pure essential oils (organic whenever possible)

We intentionally choose our ingredients for their therapeutic qualities so they support your skin’s inherent ability to restore and maintain it's natural vitality. 

Neitra Products are concentrated, potent and contain no water* (*Learn: What's wrong with water in skincare? )

They're also free from:

  • Parabens

  • Alcohol

  • Synthetic or Artificial Fragrances/Parfumes

  • Hormone disruptors

  • Chemical stabilizers

  • Synthetic preservatives

We test our products on ourselves, not animals, and our packaging is completely recyclable - refillable if you're local!