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Never Be Afraid To SWEAT!

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"Never be afraid to sweat!"

Those are the exact words I said to a customer...she laughed out loud when I said it, but it's really true!

Your AMAZING body actually NEEDS to sweat because it's one of the best ways it releases toxins. And it's important to sweat...otherwise, those toxins can be trapped inside.  

Hmm...let's think about that a bit more. What about "anti-perspirants"?

Great question, Superstar...unfortunately, by "stopping you from sweating" they actually trap toxins (including their toxic ingredients) INSIDE your body. And yes, it's true, over time, that can build up in your system and could have a nasty effect on your health!

Let's dive a little deeper and find out what perspiration really is. Also known as diaphoresis, dictionaries have defined it as:

Perspiration [ pur-spuh-rey-shuhn ]
1. The polite word for sweat.
2. The secretion of fluid by the sweat glands of the body that forms on your skin when you are hot or nervous.  
3. The hypotonic fluid excreted by the sweat glands; it consists of water containing sodium chloride and phosphate, urea, ammonia, ethereal sulfates, creatinine, fats, and other waste products.     

Read #3 again...those are the things you want to get OUT of your body!

It's estimated the body expels or releases about 1500g per day through the process of sweating...of course that depends on lifestyle, exercise, environment and your overall health. No matter what your individual amount is, your skin is always working to eliminate it from your body. Some doctors even refer to the skin as our "third kidney" and one of it's most important features is working hard to clean you up and get toxins out of your system.

Sweating can be a sweet success.

One of the benefits of a REALLY good sweat - for instance, a sauna - is that the body is able to detoxify fat cells and release toxins including nicotine, sulfuric acid, cholesterol and even heavy metals like lead and mercury. By the way, a good sauna session can increase blood flow, open pores and help to remove make-up, body care products and dirt that can accumulate on your skin.     

Sweating doesn't mean stinking!

Unfortunately, we've been taught to focus on the "negative" parts of sweating usually associated it with "stinking" right? The truth is, working hard enough to "work up a sweat" may or may NOT make you "smell".
Remember, sweating can be a great de-toxifier for your body and profuse sweating can actually work to help decrease your overall body odour. 
The fact is, body odour is more related to the toxins being expelled – it's not your "natural" scent.  For example, if you live what would be considered a "clean" lifestyle, one with minimal exposure to dietary and environmental toxins, your sweat might be odourless.  Unfortunately, in this day and age of processed foods and other toxins we often ingest, that's NOT the case for the majority of us.  But remember, it's actually the bacteria (usually inside us and released through sweating) that creates the odour...and the odour is really what we all want to avoid.

But can you really do that without adding MORE toxins to your body?  

Another great question Superstar...and we've proven the answer is YES! 
If you don't already know, your skin is your largest body organ, and while it's an incredible protective barrier, it's can also be like a sponge. Your skin can absorb what you put onto it...taking it directly to your bloodstream in seconds. Pretty incredible right?

Sure that's incredible, but it could be incredibly scary too!

Have you ever read the label of your deodorant or antiperspirant?
Well, now's a good a time as any to have a ahead, grab what you're using...we'll wait here. We mean it, this is important and could really change you life for the better so take a second and go grab that deodorant. (And PLEASE if you only do ONE thing after reading this, STOP using antiperspirant - it only tricks your body and traps toxins inside!!)
antiperspirant ingredients listing
(INGREDIENTS label: Degree "Fresh Energy" Antiperspirant)
Now then, what did you find when you checked your label? Were you surprised to find what's in there...we know we sure were!  For some folks this might actually be a scary discovery. After all, this is a product you probably use each and EVERY DAY and some of us may even have to reapply multiple times during the day? And we've been using this for YEARS...maybe more than half your life!

Right now many folks are thinking - OH NO! There's gotta be a better, way right?

Yes indeed Superstar, there sure is!

Hey, we've been in your shoes before. When we learned about all the "JUNK" in traditional deos, we went running for a cleaner, healthier and LESS TOXIC alternative!  And believe me, we tried all the natural options out there; the sprays, the roll-ons, the crystals, the powders. And you know what?

NONE of them ever really worked!

That's when we decided to turn our frustration to inspiration and busted our butts to make something that was missing from our lives!
We were literally "up to our armpits" in the process and put months into creating a formula that was simple, TRULY natural, healthy, smelled great and ACTUALLY WORKED! After testing it on ourselves, tweaking and testing again, we finally had a deo that was blowing our minds with how effective it was and we loved using our creativity to create essential oil blends that actually made them smell lovely too! 

What the heck is "Pure Rain", "Spring Mist", or "Fresh Energy" even supposed to smell like?

So what's the lesson learned here? Well, to put it simply, something that really "stunk" in our lives turned out to be a good thing...a REALLY good thing!  In the end, we got something we loved, because it worked AND it wasn't working against our bodies either! And then we started sharing it with family and friends.  And once they saw how well it worked they started sharing it with peeps they loved too! And now...

We're making the world a more beautiful place, one armpit at a time!

Seriously, it's been a #gamechanger for us personally and our Deodorant is also one of our BEST SELLING products - but don't just take our word for it.

Check out how our customers are RAVING!

deodorant 5 star review
deodorant 5 star review

 All this to say never need to be afraid to sweat!

Now it's time to try our incredible Deo for yourself!

And a little heads up for you too - a little goes a LONG way!  Our regular size jar (NOW 65 grams!) lasts between 4-6 months! And those sweet little 30g jars are great for testing out new scents and really make it easy to take your favourite Deos on adventures too! (The gym, yoga, camping, travel)

And THIS is a shout out to all our customers that are already "diggin' our Deo"! Yes we're talking to YOU us Spread the Neitra Love right now!  Leave us a comment and share what you love most! 

  • What's your favourite scent?
  • When has it's performance really blown your mind? (Hot Yoga? Stunt Doubling? Job Interview? Meeting your future Mother In Law?)
  • And how long does a jar usually last for you?

The more you share, the more you help us make this world a little more armpit at a time!

We hope you learned a little, laughed a little and got some goodness out of this blog.  If you know someone that this would help feel free to SHARE it and pass it on!

Until next time...we hope your day is simply beautiful!

Piper & Jingo xoxo

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  • Meagan

    I LOVE Neitra and also loved the idea of a natural deodorant, but didn’t think a natural deo would work at my job in a restaurant. I always shower after work and would use natural deodorant for the rest of the night/on my days off if I were just around the house, but I felt like I HAD to use the “strong stuff” to get through work or workouts or even just a busy day out. After trying Neitra’s deodorant for a while though I thought WOW this might just do the trick. I decided to try it one day (although full disclosure: I did bring my Degree “just in case” haha!) and I haven’t looked back! It’s amazing no matter what I’m doing and it feels so much better knowing I’m not clogging my pores with aluminum and such! Love all the scents and it really works!!

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