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Does it REALLY cost that much to ship my order?

Honestly, the ONLY thing that Piper and I actually DIS-like about doing business is "shipping costs"...we feel your pain! We're a small (but growing) company and our goal for the future is to eliminate it for our customers. But until that dream comes true, we've done our research and the most economical option is Canada Post.

Our website is linked directly to Canada Post and provides secure trackable shipping options, ensuring your box of Neitra Love arrives at your door safe & sound. (If only we could control their pricing!)

We've thought "outside of the box" and created some solutions:

1). We encourage you to order together with friends and family.

  • Combining your orders makes it quite easy to reach the $95 point so everyone can benefit by getting "FREE SHIPPING".
  • Ordering together is also a win for the environment; reducing packaging and energy by streamlining shipping to one central place.
  • Our favourite benefit, is that this gives you a beautiful reason to take some time out and have a cup of tea, to slow life down and reconnect with your friends and celebrate together when that beautiful box of Neitra Love arrives.

2). Additionally, as more people in new areas are learning about Neitra we're busy researching outlets to partner with them. 

This has a three fold benefit because it:

  • Helps support other small businesses
  • Gives our customers quicker access to Neitra products
  • AND avoids those pesky shipping costs

And attention all Neitra Angels - if you know a store in your area that's a good fit with what we're creating, we'd LOVE to hear your suggestions and invite you to mention Neitra to your favourite places too. We trust our customers and appreciate your help in sharing your ideas with us and helping us Spread the Neitra Love!