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Zero Waste Heroes: Taking it to the next level.

Beauty and Responsibility: to us, they go hand in hand.

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It's true, we've created some of the healthiest skincare on the planet but we feel our responsibility goes much further than that.

You already know Neitra only uses "the good stuff" and you won't find "extra fluff" like emulsifiers, stabilizers or toxic'll actually be able to pronounce everything on the label. That's good not only for your skin but for the planet; skin care either gets absorbed by your skin or washed off your's got to go somewhere. We want your body to be safe and healthy as well as our rivers, oceans and everything living in those waters too.

We've worked hard to be responsible with the resources we use and we hate being wasteful. Honestly, who needs a "cute little paper box" to be wrapped around a jar of our fabulous Deodorant or one of our incredible Face Serums?

Absolutely NO ONE! If it doesn't serve a purpose, you won't find it in Neitra. We don't do waste - not INSIDE our products or OUTSIDE them either.

Speaking of reducing waste - we've got news to SHARE and we hope you Spread the word too!

Over the last couple of years we've had a local "swap out" program with our Vancouver Tribe members; dropping off used containers to "swap" them out on your next order. This program has grown more and more and it's been fun finding new ways to reduce waste by reusing packaging with you!

Blue Customer Cabinet

And we're announcing a NEW level of responsibility!

Now we're setting Neitra on course to become the First Refillable Skincare Company in Vancouver! Today we're introducing the start of that through REFILLABLE jars for our Large Deodorants - making it easier than ever for you to drop off and pick up your replacements right from our beautiful customer cabinet! These deos are in food grade glass jars with metal lids and will have even more minimal labelling because you already know the goodness inside there!

New Zero Waste Jars

But wait - just because you don't live in Vancouver doesn't mean your Neitra can't be refillable!

Thankfully, more and more Zero Waste/Refillable Bulk stores are opening up across Canada. We are so inspired by this amazing rate of growth and Neitra is proud to partner with this BEAUTIFUL movement; it's one of those small changes that will lead to a huge positive impact on our world. Is there a Zero Waste/Bulk Store in your area? Feel free to connect us because our aim is to become a leader in this movement. While it's becoming easier to get refillable food, it's still so much harder to get refillable "Food For Your Skin"...and we're here to solve that problem!

Zero Waste Bulk Deos

We're not only inspired by Mother Nature to create incredible products, we also hope to inspire our customers. We want to support and inform you; raising your awareness about skincare and how it impacts your beautiful body and our magnificent planet and we aim to do that JOYFULLY! We want to bring a little blast of beauty to you each and every day through our products, our posts and the connections we make with you personally...after all, we're all in this together!

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new."     

- Socrates

Now we'd love to hear from YOU!

What Neitra product are YOU ready to make refillable?

What are some other ways you've already made change towards more earth friendly or zero waste practices?

Leave a comment below; share your experience, tips and inspire others too. And as always, feel free to SHARE this blog with someone that would love it and help us Spread the Neitra Love!

Thanks so much for sharing in this wonderful new step with us.

Until next time,

P&J xoxo




  • Anonymous

    Hi there Mike – great question! We’ve had our “swap out” program with local customers for several years here’s how it works. Because our studio is open by appointment only, customers return their empty containers and we “swap it out” for a new product. We then re-sterilize the returned containers for use on the next order, making our program as “re-fillable” as it can be at this stage. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Mike

    Are you refilling or reusing? Will I get back the same one I turn in? Some places(i.e. soap dispensary) we bring back jars and they refill them right there, or with a small wait. Just wondering if I have to finish my deo(or have two on hand) if I have to wait… mike

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Kristi we really appreciate YOUR appreciation. We’re happy about these new changes because they are so very much in alignment with our hearts! Glad you’re diggin’ what we do and thanks for taking time out of your day to comment and for Spreading the Neitra Love too!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats this is phenomenal. I’m incredibly impressed with your commitment to not only providing us all with your amazing products but now in an even more planet ethical medium. Thank you for all you do!!!!

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