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1). Most natural deos that come in "stick" form require an of ingredient that needs to harden the deo to stay in that form and many companies use some kind of wax to maintain that firmness. While we do use organic beeswax in our Baby Balm, we don't like to use a wax in our Deodorant because of the "wetness barrier" a wax creates. Don't get us wrong - beeswax is perfect in creating that barrier to protect a baby's bottom, but we don't find it the best ingredient we want to use on your underarms. While our deo does keep you dry, in the end it's very important that your body can sweat and release toxins through your armpits.

2). Using a Cream style Deodorant also helps to encourage a daily lymph massage, as our axillary lymph glands are located near our armpits. Likewise, this helps us reconnect with our own bodies and "get back in touch" with ourselves. And as women, we find it an added benefit to help raise awareness about breast health too. After all, it's YOUR body - you only get one in this lifetime...we want you to be connected to it!