Deodorant Testimonials

We love what we do and our greatest JOY comes from hearing that our customers love it too!  That makes all our research, formulating, testing and "work" worthwhile!

Here's what our customers are saying about how our Neitra Love is helping others ... and if you have something to share, we would love to post it here too!


Kirstin with Deos  Kirstin Pilkey, Ontario, Canada:

I have reached the end of my quest! Thank you to everyone who made suggestions. I have tried a number of different products and I have found my absolute favourite natural deodorant. Neitra Body Botanicals Deodorants smell amazing, (my favourite is the Cypress/Bergamot one followed closely by the Tea Tree/Peppermint) AND the company is an absolute dream! The owners personally followed up with me to see if I liked the product and were also able to recommend other things that would be useful in our family (like their baby balm).

Not only are the products wonderful (I use their shaving soap as well), all natural and fabulous, but they are Canadian! My armpits, even through intense workouts, are not smelly and they are super soft!

If you haven't switched to a natural deodorant I would encourage you to do some research. There is always an advantage to knowing exactly what you are putting on your skin!


Hank W. - Vancouver, BC, Canada:
I was very VERY surprised to discover how well your Deodorant worked - it's something I need a lot of.  Because... I reek. No, really, I get mighty ripe. I mean some people get a little manky by the end of the day, but me -- by noon, I can knock a buzzard off a sh*t wagon.
I have found your Neitra Deo to be far better than the typical store-bought deodorants, and without those god-awful hyper-perfumes that make you smell like you just walked out of a whorehouse in Nevada.  So...good show over there. You've got me on the hook!


                                     Molly from Maison Pur

Maison Pur:  a Blog by Molly about "Creating a Pure Home for Your Family"

Molly at Maison Pur included a "gentleman's perspective" that spreads the Neitra Love for our Deo.  See what she (and her hubby) thought about it by checking out Molly's Blog Entry: "The All Natural Man" here:


Rae C. - Vancouver, BC, Canada:

I work 16 hour days in the film industry. As a Costumer I have to get very close to people and I certainly don't want body odour to be a problem - so I did a test to see how effective this natural deodorant is. On the first day I showered and applied a regular store bought deodorant that I had been using for years prior to discovering Neitra. When I came home I my armpits were stinky, to say the least. Then the next day I did the exact same thing using Neitra's Lavender Deodorant from. When I came home that day, I did NOT smell...Simple as that. THANK YOU Ladies, for saving my armpits!!!

Sara W. - Vancouver, BC, Canada:

THE BEST deodorant I have ever used, and the ONLY deodorant that has ever worked for me.  I've tried many natural products and THIS one actually WORKS!

Stephanie Green, OmTown Yoga Studio, Nanaimo, BC, Canada:

I LOVE the all natural deodorant!  It's literally the ONLY natural deodorant that I have ever used, that actually works!  I love knowing that what I am putting on my skin is healthy for my body and the planet.

Stacey Parks, Toronto, ON, Canada:

I was using the harshest stuff I could buy off the shelves, and still not getting results. Neitra's Deo is hands down the BEST deodorant that I have ever used!!