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Beautiful.    Often times we think a sunset is "beautiful", or children are "beautiful". We'll say, "oh those flowers are so beautiful", or feel a song moves you because it's so "beautiful". But what a loaded word "beautiful" seems to be when it comes closer to home; when we relate it to ourselves. Our own lives. Our own bodies. Why is that?  We usually see "others" as beautiful or "things" as beautiful, we can easily name a list off the top of our heads.  But why is it when we look in the mirror we seem to struggle to find something beautiful? Let's Dive a Little Deeper.... My journey began nearly 15 years ago to become more healthy, to become...

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Water, water everywhere...but NOT in your skincare.

Water - Agua - Aqua - H2O.  Water is a vital life force because it hydrates our bodies while it also helps to flush out toxins and waste from our systems.  On average our amazing bodies consist of about 60% water - we need water and we couldn't last very long without it.  Ultimately, water keeps you healthy and drinking just 6-8 glasses a day aids in digestion, refreshes you and helps to regulate your energy level, temperature and brain function.  But one thing you may not know is that water is best for you when it's inside you, and it affects your body differently when it's outside you. We probably all recall what happens when you soak in the...

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