Collection: Summer Favourites

Everything you need for a beautiful Summer - customer favourites for the "Season of Sunshine"!

1). THE Balm: Looking for baby soft skin? This little gem has got you covered. Organic beeswax helps keep good moisture in while protecting your skin. Use this Superstar all over this Summer - a little goes a long way.

2). Cocoa Body Butter: "After sun" care is just as important as preventative care, so once you've washed off the fun and excitement of a hot day outside, soothe your skin with our Cocoa Body Butter. Deliciously moisturizing with a smell that's simply divine - it's candy for your skin.

3). Deodorant: Summer heat makes you sweat but you don't have to smell. Our Deo REALLY works - incredible odour protection without a single toxic ingredient. Eight scents to choose from. **Summer Faves: Tea Tree/Peppermint, Lavender/Geranium and the citrus powerhouse of Lemon/Lime/Grapefruit.**

4). Face Toner: Exactly what your face needs in Summer weather, it's the perfect "pick me up" on hot days. **Top Tip: Boost those invigorating effects by keeping one in the fridge to "chill you out" even more, you'll LOVE it!**

5). Face Serum: Summer heat can dry skin out but our Face Serums save the day!  Start with a sweet kiss of refreshment from your Toner, then seal the deal with a Serum and revive your skin with healthy moisture.  A few drops is all it takes, your skin drinks it in and glows.

6). Sunscreen: Protect yourself from harmful UVA/UVB rays, naturally. The same healthy goodness you find in all our products, our sunscreen protects you with the power of the natural mineral, zinc oxide. Make this part of your sun safe routine this Summer!