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Summer Favourites

Neitra's got everything you need for a beautiful Summer - this collection is full of customer favourites for the "Season of Sunshine"!

1). BABY BALM: It's not just for babies darling!  If you're looking for baby soft skin, this little gem has got you covered. Organic beeswax creates a wonderful barrier to keep good moisture in and protect skin too. If it's good enough for a "brand new earth suit" - it's good enough for yours too.

2). COCOA BODY BUTTER:  "After sun" care is just as important as preventative care so once you've washed off all the fun and excitement of a hot day outside, soothe your skin with our Cocoa Body Butter.  Deliciously moisturizing and the smell is simply divine!

3). DEODORANT:  Summer heat makes you sweat but you don't have to smell.  We've created a natural deo that REALLY works - incredible odour protection without a single toxic ingredient. Remember you can mix and match things with our Deo Trios too!

4). FACE TONER: Our NEW Summer Toner formula just launched and is loaded with hydrosols that are soothing and calming for the skin. Exactly what your face needs in Summer weather, making the perfect "pick me up" on hotter days. Boost those invigorating effects by keeping one in the fridge to "chill you out" even more, you'll LOVE it!

5). FACE SERUM: Summer heat can dry out your skin but our Face Serums are here to save the day!  Once you've enjoyed that sweet blast of refreshment from your Toner, seal the deal with our Serums and lock in that moisture.  A few drops just before bed is all it takes, your skin will drink it in overnight and your skin will glow in the morning.

6). HAND SANITIZER: Spending more time outdoors is great, but now more than ever it important to keep your hands clean!  When you're outdoors, you don't always have access to soap and water - but our Hand Sanitizer is here to save the day.

7). SOAK SALTS: Baths aren't just fabulous in the Wintertime.  Our Salts are here for anytime of the year.  From our Relax blend to our Muscle soak or just slip into a Refreshing blend.  What do you need most today - we've a Salt Blend that let's you soak up the Neitra Love.

8). HAND BALM: One of our most popular products because it works so well.  Usually a Winter favourite, but with all the extra hand washing these days, this Hand Balm is becoming the "go to" for skin protection. Deeply moisturizing, with a hefty dose of organic beeswax to really create a good skin barrier.  And the essential oil blend soothes your senses too.  Remember, it's a "More Than Hand Balm" great for elbows, heels and knees too.