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The hOMe Line

From sinks and stove tops, to counters and bathtubs - our hOMe Cleanser can do it all.

All change starts from inside and we're starting in your home. Spruce up your space with the goodness of Neitra Love.

And we're putting the "OM" in your hOMe with no toxic fumes or harmful ingredients. You're gonna LOVE this...the fresh scent will lift your spirits - cleaning house has never smelled better!

Get the big bottle once and reuse with our fabulous refills!

Our Home Cleanser is a multifunctional superstar - cleaning kitchen sinks to counters and bathtubs, showers and toilets too.  The base ingredients are fabulous cleansers with our special essential oil blend to freshen your space and lift your senses.

Our incredible Thieves Oil Blend in a convenient spray!

A natural disinfecting spray with essential oils known for their antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. (The lovely smell is a bonus!)

Another Neitra multi-functional powerhouse to clean countertops, toilets, sinks, doorknobs, yoga mats, exercise equipment, keyboards, desks, remote controls, phones, light switches and so much more.

Simply spritz your space to freshen the air with immunity boosting essential oils - you're gonna LOVE this!